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1967 Cherokee Six

Updated Panel

The new powder coated and silkscreened panel highlights the capabilites of this incredible bird.  Starting with an integrated flat panel mounted iPad mini (included) which integrates with the GPS for Flight Planning and, the ADS-B for inflight traffic and weather, all in a large format, easily removed unit

Seperated Battery Bus and Avionics Bus pullable circuit breakers give you surgical control over the planes electrical distribution.

The lower subpanel features orginal Piper rocker switches reorganized into logical spacing and a four channel lighting system driving LED lighting over avionics, instrumentation and panel flood lighting.  Retaining the original stall warning light on the panel, an additional aural stall warning has been added as well.  Top this off with a dual port Garmin USB charger and dedicated cabin/baggage lighting switch which operates independant of the master switch for ease of nightime passenger loading and switches off automatically when the nav lights are on.

Dual passenger side glove boxes are uniquely sized to hold pilot and co-pilot headsets and keep them out of sight during those out of town trips.