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Heating - Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Kingdom Air is proud to be staffed with the best heating & furnace repair service technicians. Each specialist at Kingdom Air has the expertise and skills to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems with your furnace and entire heating system. Our ongoing training enables our technicians to correctly adjust system controls to recommended setting and test the performance of the entire air conditioning setting and test the performance of the entire air conditioning system using specialized tools the equipment.We want to make sure your system is up and running so that you and your family are well taken care of. Please see our maintenance check lists to see our repair service in more detail.

Having a Technician maintenance expert at the ready is kind-of like having your doctor’s number on speed dial; you hope you never have to talk to them, but it’s critical to have them ready just in case you ever need them. Imagine your furnace breaking down in the heart of winter. What you need is a team that is ready to respond no matter what time it is – and that’s who we are!

Our trained and certified technicians are available to respond to distress calls round-the-clock, all year round. As soon as your call is put through, you can be sure that we’ll send out a heating repair team and have your furnace back up and running faster than you can say freeze.

Choose Kingdom Air Heating & Air Conditioning technicians to handle all kinds of heating and furnace repairs for electric, dual fuel gas, oil or heat pump furnaces as well as boilers. Our teams are equipped with the necessary expertise and tools to get your furnace back up and running the first time around.

Back to our doctor analogy, isn’t it better to know you have a professional working diligently to get to the root of your problem and give the right solution? That’s what we’re promising to give you with our training and industry leadership.

Things you should know if you suspect your furnace/boiler may need repair:

  • If you detect a very pungent gassy smell coming from your furnace, call your HVAC technicians immediately
  • If your furnace won’t start or abruptly stops, inspect the emergency shut-off and the breaker. Turn them off, and then turn them on again. If the system still doesn’t respond, call our offices to get a team dispatched immediately in order to determine and fix the reason for the breakdown.

Kingdom Air pledges to always provide:

  • Ongoing training and updates for out staff to provide you with the very best service
  • Priority scheduling for Club Members including weekend calls
  • Fully insured AC repair technicians
  • On-Time Focus
  • Up-Front Pricing
  • Parts and Labor warranties.

If you need an expert for furnace repair service and maintenance, contact us to get a team sent out to you immediately, and we’ll have your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Having problems with your furnace? Contact us today at (812)-486-3840 for expert heating repair!

Let us help you with your heating needs.

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