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1967 Cherokee Six


The Garmin GFC 500 autopilot, fully integrated to the airframe and avioinics makes cross country flying glass smooth and instrument approaches a ride down the rails.

Check this out:

  1. The Garmin G5 flight display the autopilot status and have settable altitude, heading, vertical speed, airspeed and GPS or VOR-LOC capability.
  2. Flight director provides flight guidance with or without the autopilot engaged.
  3. Full TakeOff/GoAround guidance with the dedicatd TOGO button on the panel.
  4. Integrated Garmin pitch trim, is silky smooth and a huge improvement over the factory trim system, plus, the system auto trims to support autopilot control unloading the servos and preventing the pilot from having to handle a potentially “out of trim: condition.
  5. Push to talk, electric trim and autopilot disconnect are comfortably integrated on the pilots yoke.
  6. Fully integrated to the GNX 375 GPS and the GNC 255 NAV radios.