Residential Geothermal

Choosing a WaterFurnace Comfort System is Simply Smarter

Heat & cool your home the smart way with a WaterFurnace geothermal comfort system using the clean, free, renewable energy found just below the earth’s surface. WaterFurnace units don’t rely on expensive, limited fossil fuels which negatively impact our environment. Thanks to energy efficiency ratings of 300-500%, WaterFurnace systems save many homeowners up to 70% in heating and cooling costs while helping to protect the environment. With outstanding energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, it’s easy to see why a WaterFurnace geothermal system is “Smarter from the Ground Up.”

Also, did you know that the current federal incentive for geothermal systems are at 26% the total cost of the system, and will change to 22% starting in 2021.

Geothermal House

Energy Efficient

WaterFurnace geothermal systems are simply the most efficient units available. They can deliver up to five dollars of energy for every dollar of electrical energy used. That translates into an astounding efficiency rating of 500 percent, compared to the most efficient gas furnace, which rates only 97 percent.

Cost Effective

Because of the extraordinary efficiency of a WaterFurnace system, any added costs over an ordinary unit are usually more than offset by your monthly energy savings. In new homes, most homeowners experience an immediate positive return on their investment. In replacement installations, costs are usually recouped within just a few years.

Environmentally Friendly

WaterFurnace systems harness the free, renewable Energy in your own backyard to heat and cool your home. Installing a WaterFurnace system is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees, or removing two cars from the road. Additionally, WaterFurnace systems don’t burn fossil fuels or emit harmful greenhouse gases. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency calls it the most environmentally friendly way to condition our homes.

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