HVAC Reviews

"Around the year 2000, with propane gas prices soaring, my wife and I started to research alternative and more affordable methods to keep our house warm. We learned that there was a heating/cooling technology called “Geothermal”. After many phone calls to contractors in and around Bloomington we found nobody who could install such a system in our house - but somebody recommended we try Kingdom Air. We were a little hesitant at first since they are more than an hour away from Bloomington. But after a phone call and a visit by Bob Graber to make sure our property would work out we requested a quote. From that moment on everything went very quickly. In late Summer we had a Geothermal heating/cooling system and it has been a great investment. While this system is fairly maintenance free it requires annual checkups. We had a few emergencies - these things always happen when it’s super cold or scaldingly hot. Every time the problem was solved quickly either via phone, email or personal visit. The one hour drive from Cannelburg was never a problem. This summer we replaced our 15 year old Geothermal unit by a brand new one, made in Indiana. Again, Kingdom Air came in the morning. Four people worked to put in the new unit and before 4pm everything was done. We are glad that we hired Kingdom Air to install our Geothermal system 16 years ago and the fact that they have been maintaining it and installed the upgrade this year makes it very easy for us to recommend them highly." Peter